Dark Legacy at Avatar

Encounter 12: Nethair's Defeat

The party finally reached the library, after sunset, when Vontarin, possessing the body of Nethaire, was hastily researching a way to defeat Evard’s curse and escape Duponde and the Shadowfell. The party fought Vontarin, finally defeating him. As his spirit was expelled from Nethair’s body, it was absorbed into an orb carried on the necromancer’s belt.

In half the tables, Nethaire survived the encounter. In the other half, Nethaire perished.

Rewards: +2 magic armor, 300 gp in gold and jewels, +1 rod of malignant power (has teleportation powers). Of all the PCs, few can use the rod, though both Ty and her mentor Vei are warlocks with rod implements. 250 xp.

Special Note: Ekemon the brave tiefling barbarian reached Final Death in this encounter, after Vontarin, cackling gleefully, pushed him off a balcony. Death in the Shadowfell is no laughing matter, though. Although the barbarian has returned to life, he seems mysteriously altered. Perhaps it is the odd echo in his voice. Or maybe its the gray pallor to his skin. Whatever it is, he is no longer quite the same half-demon he used to be.



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