Dark Legacy at Avatar

Encounter 3: Shadows in the Streets

On their way through the streets of Duponde, the party was suddenly attacked by a group of shadowy drakes that leapt from the shadows and struck them with their fangs and barbed tails. A cloven-hooved shadowy assassin show them repeatedly with his crossbow, while two more of the hostile shadows attacked the party, drawing down their life force.

Keira stayed back and away from the main foes, while Ty, Vei, Min, and Borlin closed in. Part way through the assault, a wizardess named Velnay joined the fray, using her arcane powers to blast and harry the shadowy foes.

When the fight was over, the exhausted party recovered some mundane treasure and an amulet bearing a black feather etched into obsidian. The arcane energy it exudes reveals it to be an item of some protective power. Min, as a meleeist, was determined to need its defenses the most.

Rewards: some XP (will update later), 200 gp in mundane treasure, an amulet of protection +1 (Min Yawns).


From the mind of Min Yawnz—As the flames died down from the summoned elfish fire that the Velnay had wrought, Min looked over the body of the fallen cloven hoofed assassin. The smelt of burnt dwarf permeated the shadowy air. Borlin was being brought back to consciousness by other party members. Borlin seemed a durable dwarf.
There was something that this “rat-faced” assassin was wearing, rat-faced as meaning despicable rather than an actual description. The would-be assassin was wearing an amulet that was made from obsidian with an etching of a feather in the face of the black rock. As Min picked it up, the feathery form began to glow with a soft bluish color. “At last, worthy treasure, maybe there is something of value in this whatever you call this place,” he thought.


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