Dark Legacy at Avatar

Encounter 4: A Tomb with a View

The party, now buffed by the addition of Brandis the Paladin, Fargrim the dwarven warrior, and Jarren the wizard, approached the Duponde’s cemetary with trepidation. Unseely shadows flitted among the tombstones, and the gaping maws of open graves threatened to trip and trap any unwary adventurer. Ahead, they could see the squat, stone building of Evard’s tomb, its door breached and now open.

As they approached the tomb, a host of shadows, zombies, and other flesh-seeking beasts fell upon them. Fighting valiantly, the party held them off until the last was slain. Without Brandis, Fargrim, and especially Jarren, though, the already-exhausted Ty, Min, Keira, and Vei would have surely fallen. Reinforcements were most valuable, and reminded them all that new friends can be stalwart, too.

Inside the tomb were scattered pages from a journal, written in crabbed, scrawling script. Jarren and Ty examined the pages carefully. “This is worse than pulling an all-nighter!” Ty complained, rubbing her bleary eyes. “I know this is important, but I gotta rest!”

The party agreed and returned to the Old Owl to rest and reflect on the dire situation in Duponde. As dawn broke over the eastern sky, though, the shadows were chased away, the world twisted in on itself again, and all seemed once again well.

Rewards: 200 XP and 7 gp.



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