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Encounter 5: Analysis of Aberrant Anti-Social Behaviors

Analysis of Aberrant Anti-Social Behaviors
Beyond the Established Societal Norms: A Field Study.

By: Dr. Vei
Understudy: Ty

Day 2, Part I:
After finding a middle ground with which levy a measured response to the intermittent incursion of Dupont by extra-planar entities of umbrafell origins, I, my students, and our servants have continued our research by leaving the town’s environs and tracking down random errant signs of a person of interest, Nethaire.

Clues uncovered during the previous encounters are beginning to irritate me. If there is a vast power at work it would be best if they would simply make their presence and intentions known. After that it would only require a modest effort on my part to assimilate or annihilate as needed the interloper(s) and I would be able to continue my research.

Ty, my most brilliant student has a flash of insight and set off following her inspiration. Though I admire her enthusiam with which she embraces the unfathomable and the unknowable, sometimes I do believe she needs a bit more seasoning and a lesson in temperance. Of course if I had such qualities, then that night at the campus where we both were exalted would never have happened. Strange how the stars call to us…

To continue my report. A callow youth by the name of Nethaire, allegedy an archeological arcane specialist with an interest in the so-called ‘climactic’ battle between Evard and Vontarin abruptly disappeared during the town-wide planar transposition.

I believe that the brash young wizard may be able to provide some sort of insight, no doubt extremely limited, that may nevertheless help promulgate my theories regarding non-Euclidean time-space interactions and inductions of mass dementia in georgian provincial climes.

My investigation has unfortunately continued an extremely improbable trend of being interrupted by random assaults upon my person.

We encountered a bucolic local, a rather pedestrian seeming youth who introduced us to his grandmother a Vistani gypsy fortune-teller.

Obviously an power-wielder of modest potential she attempted to proceed with the typical side-show flim flam of telling our future. I, wise in the standard operating procedures of such artists refused to participate in such foolish mockeries of true power. Unfortunately the more irresolute members of my expedition chose to partake of her performance and placed themselves under her power as a result.

And the effects of their failings in their own moral turpitude were made manifest shortly after our meeting.

A pair of lupines along with their apparent leader a lycanthrope in half-lupine half-human form assaulted our party. My retainers, including a pair of new hires by the names of Brandis, a human Paladin, Fargrim, a dwarven Fighter, and Jarren, a human arcanist quickly arrayed themselves in a, uh, haphazard combat formation.

Fortunately for me, the song of the stars was still quite strong in my head. No doubt the recent extra-planar tranposition was helping to fortify my ties to my inner power, the Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

A muttered incantation weakened the foolish attackers, and with a few swift strokes from my lackeys the battle was over. Those who trusted the words of the gypsy suffered for their foolishness, but managed to survive the wounds they suffered as a result during the fight. It is my hope they are now a bit wiser.

As a reward for beating off the assault, the scam-art…ahem gypsy grandmother opened up her supplies of divine and alchemical aid. Of course, after the fight, instead of preparing us before the fight.

Well, the day is still young…

Rewards: 100 XP each, 2 healing potions, 1 vicious weapon +1 (Fargrim)



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