Dark Legacy at Avatar

Encounter 6: Unwelcome Guests

Day 2, Part II:

Roll call:
Kiera Elven Rogue
Brandis Werewolf/human Paladin
Glorgrim Dwarven Warpriest
Vei Human Binder

[Table Two: Fargrim, Jarren, Alu, Ekomen]

After I easily disposed of the lupine rabble, I and my faithful
retainers proceeded south of Dupond on the trail of Nethaire, the
so-called wizard.

We found ourselves outside the run-down ruin of Vontarin’s home.
A two story structure with evident signs of being overgrown, abandoned,
and having the second floor showing signs of pyromancy in the past.

Naturally I anticipated that it would be occupied with foul miscreants.

Advising caution and stealth, we made our way to the side entrance.

Positioning our team, I then gave the signal and our werewolf
paladin kicked down the door. We caught the squatters within by surprise.

A trio of fell court tielfing ruffians, mere bandits by their attire and
accouterments looked up from their table of ill-gotten gains. One
barely had time for a look of shocked surprise as Kiera’s dagger caught
him on his right temple with her usual precision, knocking him out.
The other pair I more mercifully put out of my misery with a little help
from Elder Tentacles of Forced Intrusion. It would perhaps of been
more prudent to simply rip their souls from their infernally-tainted
shells of flesh but I decided to save them for questioning first.

The erst-while leader, a fell court underboss, and a pair of their guard
dogs, a crested felldrake and hissing felldrake then reacted to our
entrance to the not-quite-so-abandoned dwelling by assaulting our team
with force of arms, claw, and spitting acid.

Brandis the werewolf took considerable damage. However with a touch of
divine assistance from our new hireling, Glorgrim, the paladin stayed
in the front line, distracting the foes my rogue and I easily dealt
with the attackers. A quick strike with a hurled dagger, this time in the
left eye, took out the underboss.

The encounter would have no doubt finished more rapidly if not for the
gypsy’s lingering curse with discommoded us for a few seconds.

Finally with a mad dash, the paladin broke out of his curse and cleaved
the last felldrake in twain.

A quick search of the ruined manor turned up some material possessions
which no doubt can be reclaimed and sold to further my research. Also
a scribbled clue “Nimdel” on the dining room table proved to be the
password to the trapdoor to the basement.

Interviewing the ruffians proved somewhat useful. They revealed that
the wizard had came through earlier and that their boss, Harrumor,
no doubt embarassed at their failure to stop a mere pretender to the
arcane arts gathered some of his crew and pursused the wizard.

Afterwards the tieflings proved to be far more useful as material
components for my research.

We took a few minutes to catch our breath and for most of us to shake off
the lingering effects of the Shadowfell. Then we proceeded down through
the trapdoor.

Ty, my ever-eager student apparently was ahead of us as I noticed one
of her hair ribbons caught on the edge of the cellar entrance.

I anticipate that in a few more minutes we will have our next clue towards
defeating this portion of my field study. I am quite hopeful for some
useful datum.

4 sets of leather armor, crossbows, clubs.
1x bastard sword.
50’ rope
2 sunrods
1 healing potion (to Kiera)
1 belt of vigor (+1 to heal surge value, 520 gp) – to Brandis
4 silver daggers (one to each party member)
35 gold pieces

Vei, Glorgrim, Kiera saved.
Brandis not saved.


I suppose my platinum scales do seem fairly humanish…

Encounter 6: Unwelcome Guests

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