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Encounter 7: Cellar Breach

Day 2, Part III

Continued our exploration of the bandit’s hideout, Vontarin’s former home.
The basement did not reveal much other than more Tiefling bandits and their
erst-while leader.

I made a quick analysis of the tactical situation and determined that
being exposed to possible attacks from 3 fronts was not the most
defensible position.

We therefore split up to stealthily scout the approaches. I spiked the
door to the east and one of my retinue checked the door to the north.
Unfortunately he stumbled and opened the door accidentally.
This alerted the Tieflings to our presence.

It was decidedly a good thing that I blocked one of the doors as our
group was nearly overwhelmed by the ruffians, stalkers and the
bandit’s mysterious leader. A pair of spectral rogues did their best
to fillet me and nearly succeeded. A timely heal by our stout warpriest
saved me from rejoining Cthulhu…er I mean from my premature demise.

After analyzing the attack pattern of the phasing rogues I realized
a close-knit in-line formation against the wall would reduce their
offensive potential. When they determined I had stymied them, the
cowardly ruffians chose to flee.

A few valuables and magic items including a suit of armor and a staff
that suddenly changed into a mace were our rewards.

We were no closer to the whereabouts of Nethaire.

1 Earthroot Staff, 1 ? armor.



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