Dark Legacy at Avatar

Encounter 8: Rats!

Day 2, Part IV

Roll call:
Ethryvin? Eladrin Mage
Golgrim Dwarven Warpriest
Mialee Elven artillery.
Xian Gith/human monk
Vei Human Binder

No doubt a fluke of the dimensional instability, we found
ourselves suddenly shifted from the basement of Vontarin’s home
to a full day’s travel back in the town of Dupond.

Grimbold eagerly awaited our update. Unfortunately the amount of intel
we had gathered, meager as it was vastly exceeded what the entire town
had uncovered in our absence.

Still night was rapidly approaching and the guard captain was glad
of our presence.

We had heard reports of a small suspicious lurker roaming about.
However the guard captain was also concerned for the armory.

After conferring with another adventuring band we decided to cover
both options. My group defended the armory and the lesser task of
tracking down one small humanoid (probably a goblin minion or halfling)
was handed to the other group, no doubt for the sake of appearances.

It was nearing midnight when the Old Owl Inn owner, Tilda frantically
came knocking. She and some of her staff were covered in tiny scratches.
Apparently they had encountered Rodents of Unusual Size.

After doing our best to determine this wasn’t a feeble attempt at
puerille humor we left Harold to watch over the Armory with a sunrod to
signal us if necessary.

The rest of us proceeded to the inn.

As it turned out the ROUS’s were of course lycanthropes.

Fortunately some of us recalled our lore and one of us in particular
Golgrim, made liberal and effective use of his silver dagger.

Between my tactical direction and the contribution of my lackeys, the
battle was soon over.

And yet we had a feeling that it was all too easy…and that some other
threat lay just beyond the corner. Well not the one that the Old Ones
were hiding around, the other corner…


Filth Fever: Xian Failed

Only Golgrim spent his AP. Party also gained AP.



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