House Rules

These are the House Rules and some Meta-Rules for playing Dark Legacy of Evard at Avatar Comics and Games:

Character Creation

You may create any legal, standard point-buy character using any non-setting-specific resource, including the 4th edition Players Handbooks and Dragon Magazines. See the Character Creation Guide at for information on what is “legal” and not. This is a deviation from the standard D&D Encounters rules, which only allow the Heroes books (Heroes of the Fallen Kingdoms, Heroes of the Forgotten Lands, Heroes of Shadow). If you create and use a non-Essentials character for play at Avatar, you may not be able to play that character in Encounters at another location.

Switching Characters

Switching Characters – XP

Your Renown and Experience Points are attached to your player for the duration of the campaign, so if you change characters, you may carry your XP over. This is standard for D&D Encounters.

Switching Characters – Treasure

Your treasure (hahahah) does not carry over to subsequent characters. This is standard for D&D Encounters.

Switching Character – Really Minor Changes/Retraining

You may, in the course of the adventure, switch your character around, or even retrain character abilities between levels.

The first time you play a character, you may retrain that character’s abilities before the next time you play. Retraining means you drop a feature (feat, power, skill, etc.) and select a different feature of the same type (ex: replace a level 1 at-will with a different level 1 at-will).

Some players have “retrained” the character’s race, but still keep that characters history and story. This is allowable once in the campaign, as long as the core idea behind the character is the same (for example, the paladin who switched races but is still named Brandis and was still bitten by werewolves…).

Catch Up Sessions

Periodically, there are catch up sessions you can play if you missed games. One of these was on Free RPG Day. The other may be on August 6, D&D Day.

If you played in the “catch up” sessions on Free RPG Day, you may keep the XP for the sessions you played, but if you played the same session more than once, you do not get double XP.

You do not get renown for playing the catch up sessions.

Converting for Further Adventures

At the end of the Season (August 3), you may convert your character to a Living Forgotten Realms character. You will carry your XP over and you and the DMs will figure out appropriate treasure to carry into the LFR campaign. That character may then be played in the every-other-Sunday games at Avatar. Schedule and signups are available on Warhorn

House Rules

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